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Freeze Dried Saltwater Taffy, Cinnamon Flavor

Freeze Dried Saltwater Taffy, Cinnamon Flavor

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It used to be saltwater taffy, just like you remember on those summer trips to the beach as a kid, but we made it better through science. We freeze-dry the highest quality saltwater taffy from one of the biggest manufacturers in the USA, and by doing so, we remove the chew. What's left behind a puffy chunk of succulent flavor that simply melts in your mouth and dissolves away in seconds! Say goodbye to sore jaws and stuck teeth with our astronaut version of one of America's most popular summer candies! Our freeze-dried version of saltwater taffy is braces, dentures, and choke-safe, making it accessible to all types and ages for the first time ever! Our personal size bag of saltwater taffy is roughly equivalent to 5-6 actual pieces of traditional wrapped saltwater taffy and is considered a single serving by the FDA.


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